Fiona Pennie

Great Britain Canoe Slalom Athlete | World Championship Medallist | European Champion 2013 | World Team Champions 2019, 2021 | European Team Champions 2016, 2021 | Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016 Olympian

With a former international Canoe Sprint paddler for a mother and a former 60m Scottish Indoor Track and Field Champion and P.E. teacher for a father, the odds were fairly high that I was going to take up sport and go pretty far with it.  
My first experience in a kayak was at a few months old.  I learned to paddle a kayak at the age of 5 and I discovered you could paddle it around poles hanging over the water when I was 9.  This sport of Canoe Slalom that tests a paddler's strength, endurance, skill, mental capacity and the ability to adapt to ever changing whitewater in a split second has had me chasing the fastest lines around hanging poles all over the globe ever since.  It's made me laugh, cry, sweat, bleed, smile and shiver but ultimately it's given me an unique experience of life; one that so few are lucky enough to enjoy.  One that I want to continue with in my bid for further Championship medals

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