Fiona Pennie

Great Britain Canoe Slalom Athlete | World Championship Medallist | European Champion 2013 | World Team Champions 2019, 2021 | European Team Champions 2016, 2021 | Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016 Olympian

I've been lucky enough to be part of the British Canoeing Programme funded by UK Sport Lottery Funding for the best part of 2 decades.  The Programme provides support in every area to allow me to better myself as an athlete. Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Physio, Psychology, Nutrition, Performance Lifestyle (helping me to learn and excel off the water too) as well as support with Wellbeing should I need it.  A Personal Award, the level of which is determined annually using race results, allows me to train full time as an athlete without the need to seek employment.


The Glenturret is the oldest working distillery in Scotland and just so happens to be less than a mile from where I grew up.  The traditions used in making and looking after the casks and the techniques used for producing The Glenturret whisky are still the same as they were back in 1775. The Distillery houses the last remaining hand operated mash tun in Scotland and the stillmen continue to cut the spirit by eye.

This craft and attention to the small detail is what has brought The Glenturret and I together to build a special partnership. Anybody who knows me, knows I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the upkeep of a boat and I'm always in search of covering the finer details in my training.
My nosing of the Glenturret whisky probably began before I even stepped into a slalom kayak! I remember many a bike ride passing the Distillery with my Dad with my fingers pinching my nose shut! I'm glad to say I now probably ride my bike slower as I pass to get a good sniff of the stuff! Fuels me for the ride up to the source of water for The Glenturret; Loch Turret. Incidentally one of my favourite places on this planet.

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