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Grandtully Day 2: • It was cold • We did 2 runs, best run counts • It snowed • The wind blew in gusts • We avoided icicle poles • I nearly remembered where all the rocks were as the river dropped • The course provided tight racing • My elbow is still attached • My van is amazing on cold race days • My @dryrobe is amazing all winter, • My brand new @peakukkayaking ST is amazing at keeping me dry on the water • Hot water bottles are sold out in Aberfeldy...perhaps Perth too • I JUST managed to get another Prem race win • It was cold • It was cold • Coldest race of my 26 year career!

Can't say I've ever sat on a race start line clutching a hot water bottle with 15 seconds to go. Today I did! Glad to say the misbehaving elbow today decided to behave and I came away with my 57th ever Premier race win! #RacingInSnow #2018SeasonBegins

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So good to be back behind the wheel on International Women's Day, albeit just the flatwater for now! A week out of the boat with an elbow that was complaining about being overworked has been too long! But still, it's about what you can do, not what you can't. #iwd2018 #ThisGirlCan #InjuriesSuck

On this evening last year we had to say our forever bye bye to the little guy on the left. This year, I have had to say bye bye to the cool kid on the right for 3.5 weeks whilst I fry myself in Aus. Goodbyes never get easier....stay out of mischief whilst I'm gone @lynsdouglas!

I was told I would start getting a bit weaker with my advancing years... Pretty pleased to blow that idea out the park today. Managed to do a chin with this thing hanging off me and do a bench press with it and it's twin.

Massive thank you to @vajdakayaks for my new weapon and for entertaining me today! And no, although it looks like FP Repairs is required, it's meant to be like that, ready to be bolted together in Australia in just over 2 weeks! #Vajda #FlyingToTheSun

The advent calendar was unlikely to make it unscathed to the Lake District with @lynsdouglas, so she opened the specially added "door" 25 a couple of days early. Trust it was entertaining enough! Additional doors have been requested for all of January now! #lego #AdventCalendar #FPCreations

Parting ways with this one for Christmas doesn't get any easier!