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A top weekend with @lynsdouglas mostly involving bikes: . • Local MTB bike ride with sushi picnic on Friday night • Night away in Ricky in Sussex including "station bike" ride to local pub • Rounded off by trailing Lyns the madwoman as she cycled 70 miles home on her "posh bike"! . Can't wait for more adventures in Ricky...still needs decking out with his conversion though! A mattress on pallets and a strapped in chest of drawers isn't so bad though!

A letter, a card, a postcard, even a note left on the kitchen table. The modern era is seeing these die out; being replaced by emails, texting, whatsapp and various forms of social media constantly updating the world of our latest move, let alone our friends and family of our latest holiday. . So, these days, when you receive a handwritten card through the post, not just any old card, but a handmade card, it's touching and so very much appreciated. Thank you so much @gabrielle.ridge for having the thought and the creativity to send this! It made my day! How good is that picture of me! . Well done @hazelbowenridge, you've brought up a good'un here! . #SendMoreMail #WriteMore #Handmade #Drawing #BeThoughtful #TheresGoodPeopleInTheWorld #CanoeSlalom

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Turns out I had a bit of practice at the finals course of the European Champs to win the bronze at the weekend. Well on 4 out of 6 of the upstreams anyway, except that it was 12 years ago! Check out the finals course of the Worlds 2006 when I won silver versus the Europeans 2018!

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EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP BRONZE! 🥉 . So pleased to have 3 clean runs through the racing this weekend to walk away with the bronze medal! Being able to put down a solid run in the final on such a tricky course is something to be proud of. . Big well done to @ricarda_funk for taking the top honours 🥇 and @canoe_conni for the silver 🥈. An impressive weekend for the @british.canoeing team with @rwestley being crowned European Champion in C1M and @slalom_burgess joining him on the podium in silver. That all following @mallorysfranklin taking silver yesterday in C1W and the C1W team taking the gold! 👊 . Big thank you to the wider British support who travelled out to cheer us down the course. 🇬🇧 But most of all to @lynsdouglas for taking the time out from her busy schedule to look after me! 😘

Sending a big Happy Birthday from Prague to Crieff to my Dad! This was Christmas Day when I was, I think, 13 years old. I hung poles from the overhanging tree branches on the River Turret just down from the house to practise what would become a long term profession. Thanks Dad for keeping an eye on me no matter the weather! @nigelpennie. #ThanksDad #Grateful #BankOfMumAndDad #Athlete

Prague. A lot has happened here since my first visit in 1997 as a 14 year old including the building of this spectacular bridge! 2001 World Cup 10th (I was tiny!). 2006 World Championship silver. 2007 World Cup bronze. 2010 World Cup silver. 2018 European Championships...? . The above will be answered this weekend! . #CanoeSlalom #EuropeanChampionships #ShowUp . 📸: @hilton_simon

So sad to hear of the passing of a true legend of British Canoe Slalom. Ken Trollope has been helping with the organisation of slalom in Britain for as long as I can remember and was still judging on cold riverbanks this season! He will be missed every bit as much as his late wife Sue by all involved in the sport. Sending love to Tim, Amanda and all the family.

The big 60th Prem win (in kayak) of my career today! An honour to just walk through my front door with the Ruth Holdway trophy in tow. A remarkable woman who gave so much to the sport in her all too short life. Thank you to @staffordandstonecanoeclub for a well organised event as always. Now I'm about to head right back out the front door tomorrow morning for a 5 day training camp in Prague in the run up to the Euros there at the start of June! #NoRestForTheWicked

Have just introduced myself to my new boat for 2018, Saltlet Junior! Thanks @vajdakayaks for yet another dream machine and to @hydrasportsuk for getting it over to the island of Britain! Can't wait to give it a whirl!

Some humour in the Grey-Thompson household! But it's so true, Mum and Dad are probably the biggest sponsors an athlete ever has. Well done @carysgreythompson_ and @tanni_gt!

Back in the game in Cardiff....well by the time 2nd runs came around anyway! Apparently hadn't woken up for 1st runs! Big thank you as ever to the volunteers; some of whom were just leaving setting up for the race at 23:00 last night! Also much appreciated were the comments from people appreciating that I make the effort to attend these races. It's a pleasure and part of the sport. Know how much the next generation love to race against the top paddlers. I was one of them once! . #PremWinNumber59 #inspireageneration

Tupperware. An athlete's best friend. Enough to keep me well fed for the next 24 hours racing in Cardiff!