Fiona Pennie

Great Britain Canoe Slalom Athlete | World Championship Medallist | European Champion 2013 | Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016 Olympian | On the Road to Tokyo

Off towards the sun (hopefully!)! Looking forward to a few days in La Seu d'Urgell training on the site of the 2019 World Champs. At least the river will be brightened up around me even if the sun isn't out! 😂 #LegoST. • 📷: @kim_jones_photography

Happy 70th Birthday to one of my top 3 supporters, my Mum. Sadly Queeny says her son wants to keep playing with his 70th Birthday balloons from his party at Bucks Palace last night so you'll just have to cope with ordinary ones?!? Happy Birthday @maureenpennie!

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The colder nights are meaning that @leevalleywwc water is getting colder and colder! I'm absolutely loving the new @peakukkayaking #SemiST. Not needing nearly as much in the thermal department underneath cos it's so toasty thanks to the built in buoyancy layer. My favourite bit of kit so far, can't wait til my custom version arrives!

2018 Scottish Champion in kayak. So pleased to be bringing it home again! #17

The last British Premier ranking race of the season is happening today in Teesside! Wishing everyone taking part the very best for racing and hope the weather treats all the volunteers well! Sorry I'm not there taking part myself; I needed this 3 week break away from my carbon machine before cracking on with another winter of training! 👍 📸: @peakukkayaking

Happy 99th Birthday to my Grandpa! Still going strong! Glad to get a wee video call to him from Croatia! He was quite rightly baffled by this technological ability!

The emotion shows it all. My World Championship final run finished as badly as it started. Even before gate 1, I was struggling to get the boat flowing; it was like paddling in treacle all the way down thereafter. The bottom drop was the end of the road, my bow got stuck upstream and I just couldn't get the boat turned ready for the last move. This sport is a painful one; hard graft, effort and sacrifice is so often not rewarded. In the end, all you can do is go back and chip away to make the next year better. Thank you to everyone who is right there backing me all the way. My coach Gaz, @british.canoeing , @tnluk, @maureenpennie, @nigelpennie and especially @lynsdouglas who ends up being on the sharp end of this rollercoaster life that we live. 👍

10th World Championship outing and tomorrow morning will be my 8th World Championship final outing! . 4th in the semi final this afternoon on a tough course! Needed the 💪!! Catch my final run at 14:00BST on the dot on the BBC Sport website, app and Connected TV or on red button from 17:30. . 📸: Bence Vekassy (@planetcanoe)